305 Instructor Sadie and Partner Jared

In honor of Valentine's Day, instructors share intimate deets on finding (and staying in) love. Below, peep our feature with Sadie, our passionate founder based in NYC and her beau Jared.

So, what's the tea? How did y'all meet?

Sadie: He showed up to my party (as a +1) with this leather jacket, looking so sexy. His confidence was disarming. Turns out he's actually just a neurotic Jew who can kind of pass for Italian.

Jared: We were set up by a mutual friend, kind of, who invited me to Sadie's birthday party. We didn't reeeeally talk that much, as she was obviously busy playing host. I left the bar early, and although she ended up looking for me at 5am to make out with, we didn't exchange numbers or anything. Randomly, a month later, we ran into each other at a restaurant, got each others number from our mutual friend, and the rest is history.


Wow, sounds like a movie ready meet-cute. How did you start dating?

Sadie: I had just broken up with a serious boyfriend and Trump was just elected. I didn't have time for dating and I had absolutely no interest in anything serious. On our first date, I invited him to tag along to a political discussion about Trump. It turned out to be a pseudo-communist, extremely militant, left wing underground political meeting. We sat in a really hot carpeted room with people in New York from all walks of life and all kinds of views. We went to a pretty crappy restaurant after. It was easy to talk to him, but I was honestly just looking for sex. I invited him over and he hesitated. We made out, he didn't want to have sex and I fell asleep. After that, he just kept showing up, asking to hang out, wanting to take me to dinner. Honestly, he just didn't go away and then I grew to really like him.

Jared: Apparently after a few dates she wasn't too into me, or thought I was just 'eh'. I just persisted until she started liking me. I broke her.


Aww. What are three things you love about each other?

Sadie: He's supportive (he would take a bullet for me and do anything he ever could to make life easier for me). He's funny. He's energetic.

Jared: How brilliant she is, how hilariously inappropriate she can be, how thoughtful she is. 


What are some of your partner's quirks?

Sadie: I can't list all the quirks. Here is one: the way he packs up his backpack. All of his cords and chargers are in separate compartments and bags and neatly folded. It's like he's on a Marie Kondo infomercial.

Jared: She uses more spoons than any human in the history of the world. She is a snacker (chocolate, peanut butter, honey), and each bite she uses a different spoon. Its actually crazy. Also, she isn't the most 'on time' person I've met, and I am extremely punctual in general.


What's the best advice you can give another couple?

Sadie: Unless you have kids and/or there are other serious commitments to consider, if you're unhappy, leave. I had to leave a good (not great) relationship to find this one. Jared is my match,he's my other half, I have not a shred of doubt about that. In previous
relationships, there was so much talking, communicating, hard conversations, feelings hurt, compromising. I'm really happy I found someone who is first a friend, who understands me, and who I always give the benefit of the doubt to, because I know and trust he is a deeply good person. I also think, now that I'm at a certain age and have had the courage to leave and be left, I know life alone would not be so bad. If Jared were to leave me tomorrow, I would be sad, but I would be okay. We don't "complete" each other, we just make each other happy. We are two independent people and that's what makes it work. If I had to summarize, find a person who you jive with.

A relationship is commitment, it takes time, it’s not always perfect, but it shouldn’t be like pushing a boulder up a mountain.

Jared: Just talk openly and honestly, don't be afraid to tell your S.O. how something makes you feel. Check in with each other and talk about what is working or whats not working.

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