Stretch the Blues Away, Bae

We've all been there — maybe it's the day after one of our instructors just KICKED YOUR ASS in Advanced, or maybe you just sat through WAY too many office presentations at work this week — and suddenly the act of standing up from the couch or walking up the stairs makes you feel more like your cardigan-loving grandpa than your normal badass, take-no-prisoners self. 

Don't Amazon Prime that walker just yet — instead try this easy, breezy stretch combo from our FLX instructors. (Or, better yet, peep the schedule here and get your tight lil booty into a FLX class, stat!)

Circle Stretch.gif


Link up with your sweaty bestie and grab each other’s hands. Lean away from your partner and feel that delish stretch all up in your side. Rinse and repeat on the other side, bb.

Floor Stretch.gif


Lie down on the floor (YAAASSS floor time) and plant one foot on the ground. Stretch the other leg up to the sky and have your partner slowly push it back. Want more? Exhale and have your partner push your leg back even further.

Lean Back.gif


Grab hands with your partner and stand a few feet apart. Slowly, both of you should lean back, keeping your hands link and a lil’ bit of tension in your arms. Look up to the ceiling and breath deeply.

Floor Bend.gif


Sit on the floor and go back-to-back with your partner. Slowly, bend forwards while your bestie keeps their back against yours. You’ll both feel like all up in your back and spine, so go slow!

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