305 Fitness Instructor Trent


Infectious energy mixed with crazy talent! You're gonna feel like the whole room is your back-up crew in this hyped-up class!


Meet the man with a handful of names and a bright, soulful vibe. His name is Harold but we call him by his middle name TRENT. This guy is crazy talented. With a personality big enough to fill a stadium - TRENT brings the MAGIC. He has a presence that commands the room and a smile that is equally infectious.


Did we mention that he's crazy talented? Like, major! He can seamlessly move from the ballet studio on a Friday morning to a voguing competition by sundown. You betta werk! Crowned Homecoming King in high school, Trent is one of those all-around likable people whose warm and easygoing personality attracts others like a moth to a flame. He’s what you would call the “IT BOY” , whatever it is - he has It. Think Beyoncé, but with a sexy “masculine” twist. Growing up, he obsessively watched TRL and studied choreography in popular music videos, dreaming of the day he would make his dance debut. 

When he’s not teaching at ((305)), boy is living his New York City Dreams. His most recent feature was in DANCE MAGAZINE for the iconic Joffrey Ballet School. Trent has also been featured in projects with SZA, VOGUE Paris, VICE, Moncler, House of NINJA, and American Apparel. He comes to SLAY and to SWEAT. He's a real-lyfe certified personal trainer who's about to hand you your ass on a silver platter, boo. 




I can teach you
but I have to charge.
— Kelis - Milshake