305 Fitness Instructor Volha


Drop the bougie expectations of NYC and unapologetically embrace every moment. 

Volha is a woman of uncanny ability. Her dance talent is raw, real, and inspiring to watch. She looks at life like a kid holding an ice cream cone. Life is beautiful and every day is an adventure. Volha holds herself like a woman. When you meet her, you’ll feel like you’ve met her in a past life. Or maybe she reminds you of Meryl Streep, but in a ((305)) crop top. Volha is a gift to us and to the world. She seems to have a superhuman sense of self. She’s not perfect, she knows it, and she’s not trying to hide it, which is the best part. In her class, you’ll feel uplifted, accepted, and a sense of contagious joy radiating throughout. Volha’s life motto? “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” That’s Marilyn Monroe. Another woman who knew who she was and never apologized for it.


— XO by Béyonce