Sass with class, encouraging energy, and a high kick to boot.  

Pass the tea, hold the sugar. Meet Xander. If we made a movie about his life, here’s the plot…Young queer moves from England to Florida at a young age. Confused by it all, he manages to pull through with a few scars and messy memories because he’s got theater, art, cats and his wild imagination by his side. Thank you, Christina Yang & Grey’s Anatomy, for all your guidance. 


Xander made his home in Boston a few years ago. You’ll likely run into him strolling through Cambridge, part hipster, part hustler. His dry sense of humor and insatiable love for dance color his days of non-stop Pilates/Dance hustle. Xander is sarcastic and fabulous. He’s relatable, grounded; a weirdo with a big heart who happens to call his mom “mum.” You’ll never have to apologize for a misstep in his class. When he’s not teaching at 305, you can find him leading private Pilates sessions, dancing around town, or stalking kitten Instagrams to distract from the fact he doesn't have a cat. If he had one wish it would be that you can step into his class, forget all the bad drama, and create all the good drama. Life is short, henny. Let's live it up! 

Haters gunna hate, but here are the only words you need for them... Sashay away.
— RuPaul