((305)) CARDIO

All cardio classes are 55 minutes long, with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio. Classes also feature sprint intervals, sculpting, and a stretch cooldown. Classes torch between 500 - 900 calories per session. A live DJ blasts music the whole time. Expect alotta air humping, jumping jacks, and non-stop smiling. You're gonna be sore for dayzzz. Not a dancer? No problem. Seriously. Our classes are easy-to-follow and made for non-dancers and dancers, alike. 

Pssst...if you see "Arms" "Legs" "Ass" "Abs" this refers to the 5 minute toning section in class. Just 5 minutes. So nbd. Sign up for whatever class works with your schedule. All our classes are magic. 

Now what about "Basics"? This class is very similar to our 55 minute class but is more for beginners. We cap these classes (more room to dance, hello!) and dial down the fancy footwork to focus on movement fundamentals. This class is a non-stop party, so you'll still be sweatin' from head-to-toe.  


Our non-cardio classes are offered exclusively in our NYC Village Studio. At $18/class, these awesomely affordable classes offer a perfect compliment to our high-intensity, high-impact cardio. 

((305)) Flow:
  Hot yoga with a dance-inspired twist. A soulful, movement-based vinyasa class open to all levels and especially great for those new to yoga. With creative sequencing, and a dope soundtrack of slow jams and R&B, this sexy vinyasa class matches movement to music. This class is heated so expect to sweat. 

((305)) Sculpt: This 45-minute low-impact strength workout creates long, lean muscle like a dancer's with a special focus on dat ass and dem abs. This low-impact, rhythmic sculpting class is contagiously fun and extraordinarily effective. Bored at the barre? This class is for you.