((305)) CARDIO


Our signature cardio classes are 55 minutes long, with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio. Not a dancer? No problem. Srsly. Classes are easy-to-follow and made for non-dancers and dancers, alike. Expect to burn up to 900 calories/session. A live DJ blasts music the whole time. This class is a whole alotta air humping, jumping jacks, and non-stop smiling. You're gonna be sore for dayzzz.

Pssst...if you see "Arms" "Legs" "Ass" "Abs" this refers to the 5 minute toning section in class. Just 5 minutes. So nbd. Sign up for whatever class works with your schedule. All our classes are magic.

((305)) Cardio Theme Classes

If you spot anything wild on our schedule, it’s probably a theme class. That’s the same air humpin’, twerkin, and #MakeSweatSexy magic of our signature cardio classes, but the DJ will be spinning lots of themed music. Junkies, you can expect all the regular dances you know and love, with some extra music flavor.

((305)) ADVANCED

Junkies, get your fix. This 58-minute class features more dancing, more fancy footwork, more effective sprints, and full-body toning. Less talking, less stretching, more grinding. Go on, smack your ass right now. We bet it makes a great sound. We recommend this class to anyone who has taken 20 classes or more.

((305)) BASICS

Ain't no basic bitches in here. This class winds down the tempo a bit, but you're still sweating like crazy in this 45-minute dance workout. We'll break down the most basic ((305)) steps, so you can go awf in all our classes. Toning will focus on Arms. If you can do a jumping jack, you can do this class! We highly recommend this class to try out as your first.


You thought we only did Cardio? Think again. We’re pioneering these non-cardio, low-impact classes out of our Flagship Village studio in Manhattan.

((305)) FLX: A 55-minute flexibility class that’s unlike any yoga class you’ve ever taken. Say bye to back pain, tight hips, and shin splints. Say hello to better body rolls and reverse cowgirls. This class will make you better in class, better in bed, and feeling better all-around! We developed this class with dance, physical therapy techniques, yoga, and biomechanics in mind. Class focuses on active stretching, which has been shown to increase flexibility more dramatically than any other technique. Classes are capped at 18 people. We heat the room to 90 degrees to maximize your range of motion. Baby, bend over!

((305)) PWR: A 50-minute strength and conditioning class that sculpts lean muscle and gets you in the sickest shape ever. Get the same results as personal training, for just $26/class. Classes are capped at 18 people. 305 PWR has that signature party vibe of a cardio class, but we’re focusing on low-impact, strength and conditioning-exercises. This class focuses especially on glutes and core. You're in and out in just 50 minutes, and sore for days. Go awf!