NEW TO ((305))?

Don’t worry, babe. We’ve got your back. Whether you're signing up for one of our signature CARDIO, Yoga, or Sculpt classes, taking the plunge can feel intimidating. But our trained instructors will make you feel welcome and confident. No dance or fitness experience required!

In fact, after just a handful of classes, you’ll find you’re a profresshh. Five! The magic number. It’s the average number of sessions that clients report changes in their fitness level, body, and mood. Seriously. We’re that good.

Still nervous to sign up? Our best advice is to bring a friend. You’ll feel comforted having someone dancing and laughing by your side.

Still still nervous? It's cool - we get it. Check out our ((305)) BASICS class, perfect for those new to dance cardio. 

To sign up for a class, you must:

  1. Create an account
  2. Purchase a credit or package
  3. Sign up for your class time of choice

To ensure you've completed all of the above, please make sure you receive THREE emails the first time you sign up:
  1. A welcome email
  2. A purchase receipt
  3. A class confirmation email

If you do not see an option to sign up for your class of choice, it is because the class is sold out with a full wait list or because sign ups are not yet open for the week. And if you didn't receive any of the above emails, make sure you're opted in for email notifications in your account settings! We only send the good stuff: purchase receipts, class confirmations, waitlist updates, etc. And... honestly... ((305)) emails are the best kind of emails :)

Sign ups are opened 14 days in advance on a rolling basis. We accept walk-ins in NYC, pending availability. We do not take walk-ins in D.C. or Boston. Your best bet is to sign up in advance or email us with any questions. 

We have a one-in, one-out waitlist policy. The moment someone in class cancels their reservation, we send an email and call clients on the waitlist.

  • If a spot opens up more than 24 hours (12 in DC) in advance, you will receive an automatic email informing you that you've been bumped into class.
  • If a spot opens up less than 24 (12 in DC) hours in advance for class, we will call the next person on the waitlist to ensure they are still available before bumping them into class.

Please remove your name from the wait list if you are no longer able to attend a class. If you're on the waitlist, we assume you're available for class and are prepared to attended if a spot opens up.

If a class has availability, you are DEF welcome to sign-up for class in-person. We just can't guarantee the class won't be totally booked ahead of time.

We have a 10-minute grace period for registered clients to enter class late. So, if you'd like to drop-in for a class that is sold out, we must wait 10 minutes to ensure there is a space for you before letting you into class. If you are new to ((305)), we strongly (like suuuuper strongly) recommend you sign up ahead of time to ensure you get the full rundown at the beginning of class and warm-up.

DAS IT! Sweat sexy y'all. Catch you on the 5-6-7-8.